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Christine George

Christine is a locally known professional makeup artist and esthetician for 9 years. She takes care of all your needs including High Definition brows a.k.a microblading, Norvell spray tanning, professional m.a.c make up applications, eye lash extensions and lash retail, waxing , glamour shots, and skin care products that suit you in your daily needs by Hormeta. She has repeat clientele from Toronto, London, Sarnia, and surrounding area. Christine is a reputable lash extension instructor at The Beauty 4Ever certifying her students teaching proper lash techniques and hygiene.


The Sarnia woman says "My passion in make up artistry and esthetics started early in my child hood years growing up surrounded by artistic family relatives doing native art work, paintings and having a father who was a well-known tattoo artist. I soon discovered I have a passion for the world of art, spending countless hours drawing, working with colour, playing around with makeup, photography and graphic design."


Many years of watching shows on fashion, reading books on makeup, then following through with make-up artistry schooling. I found myself practicing on family, friends and anyone that would let me touch their face. My clientele began to grow in the city I grew up in. My career accelerated beyond a makeup artist, I become a certified master norvell spray tan tech and master lash tech and instructor, and teach clients proper skin care. 

Christine's ability to make her clients feel comfortable in her chair and spa rooms comes naturally. She says watching the astounding reactions from clients when they see their own reflection in the mirror, their healthy glowing skin and my polished touch reminds me every day why I work so hard in my profession keeping my knowledge up to date and fresh.  


The outcome of every application is pure perfection and flawless healthy glowing skin. Christine and her team of estheticians and hair designer and makeup artists will cater to your needs at the Beauty 4Ever shop.


To contact the team please go to Beauty 4Ever's home page, click on the contact box to send an email for more info, you will also find a contact number posted. Check out Beauty 4Ever on facebook.  



  Christine George

  Sarnia Ontario's


  and Master Lash Extension Educator 



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